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Wyborne Primary School Pupil Premium Summary


Wyborne Primary School

Pupil premium grant 2016-17

The school receives additional funding each year that is specifically safeguarded to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.  We use this money to assist in closing any attainment and progress gap so that these children achieve either as well as, or better than, their peers.  The Pupil Premium strategy review date is July 2017.


Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received 2016-17

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG

131 (FSM)

1 (LAC) (32% of roll)

Amount of PPG received per pupil

£1320 – FSM

£1900 LAC

Amount  of PPG received (reception – Y6)


Early Years PPG


Total amount of PPG received











Glossary:  PPG:  Pupil Premium Grant; FSM Free School Meals, LAC Looked After children

Previous performance of disadvantaged pupils

NB: 2015-2016 there were 22 PP children of whom 20 have previous attainment from KS1 from which to measure progress.


% making 2+ NC levels progress from KS1 –KS2

2015% making 2+ NC levels progress from KS1 –KS2


% of pupils making expected progress in Reading (end of KS2)

20 pupils

18/20 90%

24 pupils

21/24 88%

20 pupils

13/20 65%

% of pupils making expected progress in Writing (end of KS2)

20 pupils

20/20 100%

24 pupils

22/24 92%

20 pupils

19/20 95%

% of pupils making expected progress in maths

(end of KS2)

20 pupils

19/20 95%

24 pupils

22/24 92%

20 pupils

13/20 65%

*** In 2015-2016 the KS2 tests changed. The measure of progress also changed. The government has stated that this year’s attainment and progress results cannot be compared to previous years.


Previous performance of disadvantaged pupils



Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation


Reading Writing & Maths combined

% of pupils ‘Working Towards’ National Standard (end KS2)











% of pupils ‘At’ National Standard (end of KS2)











% of pupils ‘Exceeding’ National Standard









22 PP chn in cohort. 1 child (ASD) did not sit the tests so has not been included in the data above.




Summary of PPG spending

Summary of actions taken 2015-16 (Grant for 2015-16 - £182,160)

  1. Additional staff engaged to provide phonics teaching in years 1, 2 and 3 through small group, 1:1 and booster classes
  2. Small group teaching to focus on narrowing the gaps in English and Maths £25,000
  3. Investments in high-impact curriculum events eg Mobile Farm visit
  4. Subsidised after school clubs eg Football 
  5. Support with costs of Breakfast club and After school club
  6. After school Maths club (Y6) 
  7. Anger Management course for vulnerable pupils
  8. Volunteer readers for 1:1 support
  9. Additional support from Speech and Language therapist          
  10. Additional investment in ICT to support learning at school and at home (2 Simple & Education City)
  11. Specialist teacher for Y6 Maths and transition
  12. School journey subsidy
  13. Guitar lessons -
  14. Counsellor  
  15. Family/parent support via Family Liaison Officer
  16. Learning Mentor support for vulnerable children
  17. Raising Self-esteem course

Summary of spending 2015-16

  1. 110000.00 TA salaries
  2. 24000 staffing costs
  3. 600.00
  4. 300.00
  5. 532.00
  6. 2700.00
  7. 3700.00
  8. 560.00
  9. 1674.00
  10. 1000.00
  11. 2720.00
  12. 500.00
  13. 1900.00
  14. 7000.00 (%) of salary)



  1. 9192.00 (% of salary)
  2. 11000.00 (% of salary)
  3. 4930.00
  4. Total: 182308




  1. Improved phonics attainment
  2. Increasing confidence in English and Maths follow achievers – raising attainment
  3. Social skills
  4. Disadvantaged pupils given access to extra curricular activities at no cost the family
  5. PP pupils supported to allow parents/carers access to work
  6. Raising attainment; boosting confidence in Y6
  7. Improved behaviour; management strategies for pupils
  8. Targetted support improves confidence and reading skill
  9. Specialist targeted support leading to improved speech and language skills
  10. All pupils given access to home learning-decrease parental engagement
  11. Pupils are prepared for transition to secondary school
  12. Grant provided to PP families unable to afford the cost of the school journey
  13. Access to extra curricular music lessons -otherwise unaffordable
  14. 1:1 support for pupils who need specialist trained counsellor support with possibility of referral onwards;  improved behaviour
  15. Specialised support for pupils whose families may have difficulties including housing, finance, family literacy, parenting difficulties, domestic violence
  16. Raising self-esteem, pupils can speak in confidence to an adult safely; supporting pupils with bereavement and health issues – also supports teaching staff
  17. Pupils can manage emotions, work confidently, improved behaviour.















PPG 2016-17

174,820 (Reception – Y6)




Objectives in spending PPG 2016/17

  1. TTo ensure every FSM/LAC child makes at least “expected” progress at each Key Stage
  2. TTo ensure that all Pupil Premium children reach at least ‘National standard’ by end of KS1/KS2 respectively
  3. TTo ensure that Looked After children reach age-related expectations in relevant KS
  4. TTo ensure the gap is closed between progress and attainment of Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium children
  5. TTo give equality of opportunity for Pupil Premium children to access extra-curricular opportunities such as clubs and trips
  6. TTo ensure that Pupil Premium children have equality of access to musical tuition and other initiatives available at the school. 
  7. FFree milk for pupil premium children
  8. RRaising self-esteem course
  9. PEnhancing playtimes for all pupils – improved behaviour and focus in the afternoon



  1. Inclusion/professional expertise/TA and 1:1 support
  2. Intervention programmes; small group support from TAs;
  3. Additional IT resources provided to support learning
  4. Robust use of pupil assessment and tracking programmes; Targetted intervention
  5. Subsidising extra-curricular activities for PP children eg Welling United Football Club; subsidising school journey and external trips
  6. Subsidising musical tuition
  7. Subsidising free milk for all PP children
  8. Training and implementation of course to improve behaviour and focus of PP children
  9. Planned playground improvement


  1. Support staff  £110500


  1. Teaching staff; learning mentor; Inclusion manager; £20000
  2. Resources: £500


  1. Subsidy £3000



  1. Subsidy £3500




  1. £3000
  2. £1200


  1. £1200



  1. £32,000






Measuring impact




  • Via Pupil progress meetings, detailed discussions with teaching staff; identifying children who are below expectation and implementing targeted support;
  • Through the monitoring and evaluation cycle; termly assessments;
  • Through performance management meetings with teachers and support staff
  • Use of Target Tracker assessment program, progress and attainment examination
  • Recording and tracking of behaviour
  • EHC plans awarded


Summary of main barriers to learning

  • Oral language skills are lower for pupils eligible for PP than for other pupils which slows reading progress in subsequent years.
  • Emotional/social/behavioural difficulties which impact on pupils’ ability to focus on learning
  • The development of independent skills in learning/resilience and belief in themselves
  • PP attendance – significant number of pupils with persistent absence are pupil premium eligible
  • Social difficulties of families eg housing, finance, family literacy, parental anxieties



Total PPG received


Total PPG expenditure


PPG remaining




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