Welcome back

Mr Searjeant would like to welcome staff, parents and children to our new academic year. Staff have been planning lots of exciting projects and trips. Playground changes have taken place. We will see years 1 - 6 on Wednesday 5th September, our new reception children on 11th September and our youngest children in our nursery on a staggered basis after that.

Staff are always willing to speak to parents. Please come into the office to make an appointment.

  • There's only a week left to get your Scholastic book orders in. Order online at Read more or give order forms to Mrs Bunch 😊
  • Year 4 made some lovely photo frames today Read more
  • We used our senses in y2 to imagine we were in Morocco. We looked at images, listened to market sounds and smelt different spices! 🇲🇦 Read more
  • Nursery enjoyed toast for the their snack this morning Read more
  • Reception built a road! Read more