Welcome back

Mr Searjeant would like to welcome staff, parents and children to our new academic year. Staff have been planning lots of exciting projects and trips. Playground changes have taken place. We will see years 1 - 6 on Wednesday 5th September, our new reception children on 11th September and our youngest children in our nursery on a staggered basis after that.

Staff are always willing to speak to parents. Please come into the office to make an appointment.

  • Year 2 made medals using clay as part of their Heroes topic 🥇 Read more
  • Year 1 tried to measure objects in a very windy forest school today. They measured in cm using a ruler. Read more
  • Year 1 enjoyed sharing their favourite toys today. They discussed the properties of the material their toys were made from. Read more
  • Christmas dinner is available for those children who normally have packed lunch. Please come to the dinner centre this Thurs / Fri at 9am to book. The cost of the lunch is £2. Thank you.
  • Year 3 - future palaeontologists! 🦕 Read more