Please see below the events we have run so far this year and how much money they have raised for the school:

Date Event Amount Raised
Nov 16 Halloween Disco £626.87
Dec 16 Non school uniform £157.63
Dec 16 Xmas card sales £473.27
Dec 16 Xmas sale £1,087.28
Dec 16 Xmas raffle £94.52
Jan 17 Quiz night and raffle £366.20
Feb 17 Valentines disco £678.79
Mar 17 Mother's day sale £699.41
Mar 17 Non school uniform £159.63
Apr 17 April disco £658.21


Here is what some of the money has been spent on so far.

Date Item Value
2016 Packed lunch shed £449.99
2016 2 x storage sheds £299.98
2016 Christmas crackers £60
2017 Easter gifts £90
2017 Y6 SATS breakfasts £150
2017 Y2 and Y5 exam treats £120
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