Key Stage 1

Year 1      
1K - Dolphin class 1T - Panda class    
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Kirsty Keen Teacher Erin Tunsley Teacher    
Year 2      
2B - Elephant class 2T - Vaquita class    
Img 20160720 wa0007 20160908 123422    
Louise Bunch Teacher Georgia Till Teacher    
KS1 Support staff      
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Nichola Letchford TA Kim Morritt TA Sarah Warman TA  


  • Year 2 made medals using clay as part of their Heroes topic 🥇 Read more
  • Year 1 tried to measure objects in a very windy forest school today. They measured in cm using a ruler. Read more
  • Year 1 enjoyed sharing their favourite toys today. They discussed the properties of the material their toys were made from. Read more
  • Christmas dinner is available for those children who normally have packed lunch. Please come to the dinner centre this Thurs / Fri at 9am to book. The cost of the lunch is £2. Thank you.
  • Year 3 - future palaeontologists! 🦕 Read more