Partnerships with Other Schools


Not only do we work closely with the schools in our local area, we are also part of a network of good and outstanding schools that work closely together. This is called the ‘Greenwich Community Schools Partnership’

It consists of a number of Outstanding and Good Schools:

Abbey Wood Nursery School Cherry Orchard Primary School
Gordon Primary School

Invicta Primary School and Children's Centre

James Wolfe Primary School with Centre for Deaf Children King's Oak School
Meridian Primary School with DSP for the Deaf Montbelle Primary School
Newhaven PRU Plumstead Manor School
Pound Park Nursery School Rachel McMillan Nursery School and Children's Centre
Robert Owen Nursery School and Children's Centre Thomas Tallis School
Thorntree Primary School  Waterside Primary School


Why do we work together?

We are a group of aspirational primary and secondary schools that want the best possible outcomes for our children and the best way for that to happen is to look to continuously learning from others. What better way is there to learn, than learning from other local schools?


What do we do?

  • We do a number of joint projects together to ensure that we are continuously improving.

  • We have joint training programmes in our schools for Leadership, Newly Qualified Teachers and Support Staff. This enables staff to learn excellent practice from other locations.

  • Staff get the opportunity to observe other teachers in other settings.

  • We compare our books and learning with each other to benchmark our standards and see if we could be aiming even higher.

  • We carry out ‘Peer Reviews’ on each other’s schools to help eachother spot areas where we can improve.

  • We have shared resources which is invaluable in education.

  • We are also beginning to run initial teacher training together to ensure that we continue to get excellent staff in the future.

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