Science at Wyborne

Science Curriculum

Year 1 – Plants, animals including humans, everyday materials and seasonal changes

Year 2 – Living things and their habitats, plants, animals including humans and use of everyday materials

Year 3 – Plants, animals including humans, rocks, light and forces and magnets

Year 4 – Living things and their habitats, animals including humans, states of matter, sound and electricity

Year 5 – Living things and their habitats, animals including humans, properties and changes of materials and earth and space

Year 6 – Living things and their habitats, animals including humans, evolution and inheritance, light and electricity

Science Week

Once again, Science Week was hugely enjoyable for all the children. Our newest member of staff greeted everyone as they arrived, already prepared for our week of celebrating science!

We had tarantulas and huge snakes – the bearded dragon was particularly popular! And after watching them hatch, the baby chicks were adored by everyone. Balloons were pierced by skewers but didn’t pop and we made raisins dance! Visits to the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Butterfly Jungle at Hall Place all reinforced our learning of particular topics.

Many thanks to Fearless Reptiles and Wiggly Wildshow.

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