Our School Curriculum

Wyborne Primary and Nursery School has developed a bespoke curriculum that celebrates and acknowledges the benefits and cultural capital of our context being situated in the London Royal Borough of Greenwich with access to a wealth of teaching and learning opportunities within easy reach.

The Wyborne Curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced offer to the children. All subject disciplines are valued as a contributing element to developing a child’s understanding and knowledge of the world and which will prepare them for their future education and role as a responsible and well-informed citizen.

The curriculum Intent documents have been devised with due reference to the statutory elements of the National Curriculum but have been enhanced by the inclusion of what is relevant for the children at Wyborne. Every opportunity to provide stimulating and engaging opportunities will be planned for in cohesive sequences of lessons.

Each subject Intent document sets out within year groups the expectations of what should be taught. Some subjects are prescriptive, such as mathematics where it is important to introduce steps sequentially. In other subjects, it is at the teacher’s discretion to decide the optimum time to teach a topic. This acknowledges their professionalism in ensuring the best possible links are made to previous learning and in making the best cross-curricular links in order to deepen understanding in a cohesive curriculum.

We are proud that our curriculum is inclusive of diversity and is integral to all subjects. This is the case with British Values in the sense that they are an intrinsic part of our curriculum offer.

Curriculum Intent documents indicate themes to focus teaching and ensure that learning is deepened through repetition over the course of a child’s progressive learning journey at Wyborne. Subject Leaders have considered not only their own subjects but have made relevant and valuable cross-curricular links explicit in their Intent documents to further deepen and reinforce learning across all subjects.

Inclusion & the Wyborne Curriculum

When planning to teach our Wyborne Curriculum, teachers consider how they will reach all the children in their classes regardless of a range of factors: ability including the more able, disadvantage, SEND, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, gender and disability.

Teachers know the children in their classes well. They will liaise with the Inclusion Manager and parents/ carers if necessary to ensure access to the curriculum is fair. Our teachers know the value of effective parent/ carer relationships and our school has been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark in 2020 and the Achievement for All Quality Mark in 2021.

Our skilled Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Assistants are crucial in this process. They work under the supervision of the class teacher and or the Inclusion Manager using their knowledge and understanding of the children and if necessary, working to EHCP targets, to support understanding and inclusion so that what is being taught is accessible to all individuals and or groups of children.

Subject Leaders are developing Knowledge Organisers. These will inform parents/carers about core content of our curriculum units of work in more detail. Our termly newsletters give an overview for each subject, and these are communicated via Weduc.

Knowledge Organisers

At Wyborne, subject leaders are creating and developing Knowledge Organisers.

Knowledge organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that pupils need about a unit of work or a curriculum subject. However, they will not limit what the children learn but are a tool, along with the Intent documents, for teachers to plan and enact the curriculum consistently.

Equally, knowledge organisers are really clear and easy to understand and a way for parents to be more aware of what their children are learning at primary school and thus to be able to support them.