Our Values & Ethos


At Wyborne Primary and Nursey School we are committed to providing a creative, rich learning environment where children are cared for and feel safe and empowered to learn. We believe that supporting every child individually is imperative to facilitating their full participation and engagement in school. All children deserve to be happy at school and enjoy their time spent learning and at play protected from harm. Safeguarding the mental health and well-being of every child is the responsibility of all the adults employed by, or invited to deliver provision at, Wyborne Primary and Nursery School. We are proud that this ethos and our values are at the core of what we do.

Our core values are:

• Kindness

• Hardworking

• Welcoming to all


The culture of our school is based on inclusion, perseverance and mutual respect. All dealings between staff, pupils, parents and carers are characterised by a code of common courtesy and good manners.

Pupil voice is recognised, and staff work hard supporting the pupils personal development and cultural capital.

When dealing with difficult situations we seek to resolve problems by mediation and respecting the feelings of all involved.

Partnership, working together and celebrating our diverse cultures, are intrinsic to our school. We are committed to providing quality teaching and learning to our pupils. The school has developed and will continue to develop existing positive links with the local community to promote pride in its achievements and reputation.