At Wyborne, children are exposed to Maths throughout their school lives. This happens through teaching, the classroom environment, common area displays, cross-curricular activities and lots of talk! We believe that through this exposure, children acknowledge the relevance, importance and benefit of maths, connecting it to their daily lives. Each classroom has a working wall which supports their current mathematical learning, providing a consistent reminder and reinforcement of current learning. We believe that enabling children to make links across all subjects is vital and so incorporate cross-curricular links as much as possible.

We follow the White Rose Scheme of Learning from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Year 6 to ensure a solid foundation, sequencing and progression. Within (EYFS) Maths is one of the four specific areas of learning. Each specific area is divided into Early Learning Goals, for maths, these are Number and Shape, Space and Measure. White Rose outlines the order that the mathematical areas should be taught in for each year group, building on the prior year’s learning. We ensure that the children have the opportunity to learn from a variety of concrete and abstract resources recognising arithmetic and problem solving in different ways and concepts.

Throughout Wyborne, we teach formal written mental and mental calculations, enabling the children to develop their own bank of skills. Our aim is to ensure children become fluent in their mathematical knowledge being able to demonstrate their understanding.

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