Geography has an important place in the teaching and learning at Wyborne Primary School supporting children’s developing knowledge of their locality, as well as developing their use of geographical skills, including first hand observations to enhance experiences. Our school is situated perfectly providing a range of geographical opportunities to study on our doorstep – open spaces – a range of transport – retail and a variety of habitations.

Children’s continuing local studies develop atlas skills, where they are able to make excellent use of other local land features with visits to The River Quaggy/Cray or The River Thames. Fieldwork is key and provides opportunities for effective learning about their environment through meaningful experiences and observations.

As our children mature, this prior learning is built upon, and they begin to learn about the wider world and their place in it. At Wyborne, we are proud to be able to facilitate real opportunities for our children to share and celebrate places of special interests, for example, family links and holidays abroad.

As the children develop further, they are able to initiate their own geographical investigations utilising their knowledge, skills and understanding of the local area.

Geography is taught in succinct units of work. However, there are many opportunities across the curriculum where geographical knowledge and skills support a deeper understanding in other subjects. For example in History in Year 2 the children study Places in Their Own Locality. In Year 4 the children study The Tudors with visits planned to The Globe Theatre where they can experience and observe the River Thames. In Science in Year 5, the children continue to widen their Geography journey through Living Things and Their Habitat and Properties and Change of Materials, where children make use of Wyborne’s Science and outdoor area to make observations of their environment.

At Wyborne Primary and Nursery School, Geography has an important place. We are extremely lucky to be situated in a rich environment where we are able to take advantage of the opportunities our locality offers to enhance children’s experiences, and to help deepen their learning and love of Geography.

Clare Hubble, Geography Subject Leader

Please click here to view the Geography Intent document.