Wyborne’s sensory room is a quiet space dedicated to stimulating, developing and relaxing the senses. The décor of our sensory room has been carefully designed and created to meet the needs of the pupils here at Wyborne. The room includes low lighting, adjustable lighting projections, fiber optics, mirrors and a bubble tube. It also contains a choice of comfortable places to sit, a variety of interesting objects to examine, and also features soft music.

Our sensory room provides:

· A therapeutic environment for children with autism and other special educational needs

· Sensory equipment that can be used to develop a range of physical skills

· A calming space for pupils experiencing emotional or behaviour difficulties

· Support for children learning to manage their emotions in a controlled environment, without feeling they are being isolated or punished

All of us have different learning styles; some might understand new information better if they can absorb it visually, while others might require a more hands-on approach (tactile learning). Because of its multi-sensory approach, our sensory room is able to cater for all of these individual learning styles, providing an education that is tailored to our pupils’ needs.