Design Technology at Wyborne plans to equip children with an understanding of the processes that help to create the world around us and the objects that we use on a day-to-day basis. Design Technology is taught both explicitly as a standalone subject but also implicitly with strong cross-curricular links to other subjects such as English and History.

Our aim is to give the children practical, hands-on knowledge where they are given the opportunity to work with a variety of materials and mediums and whole product processes from inception to evaluation. This knowledge will be built upon each year with the children being able to take what they know and apply it to other situations.

A hugely important and relevant aspect of Design Technology is food technology. Children will be able to gain an understanding of what makes a nutritious meal, where their food comes from as well as being able to make a selection of exciting healthy meals or food items.

Throughout their time at Wyborne, children will learn to research, design, make and evaluate different products that fit a design brief including products are fit for a purpose, items with moving parts and items using a variety of different materials. This will include looking at our local context of London where we are able to draw from the resource rich setting, we live in including looking at local architecture and local history.

Joy Elliott, Subject Leader

Please click here to view the Design Technology Intent document.