Art & Design is thriving at Wyborne.

Our belief is that creativity, the use of imagination and design are fundamental activities, which have defined human beings from the beginnings of time. Art and design brings joy and pleasure and is accessible to all children at all levels.

Teachers are creative, enthusiastic and plan exciting and engaging units of work with reference to the INTENT documents, which inspire and develop skills and knowledge in cohesive sequences of lessons. Art and Design include seven practices, repeated over the years to enable progression of skills and deepening of understanding.

Practices include Drawing; Painting; Collage; Textiles; Sculpture; Printmaking; IT.

Elements of: Line; Colour; Form; Shape; Tone; Pattern; Texture, form the focus of practices.

Artists, past and present, are studied and their work used as inspiration for children’s own creativity. Studying cultural art deepens understanding of societies and historical context.

Trips and visits to galleries as well as working with artists in the community raise expectations and broaden experiences. Children are able to apply their skills in other areas of the curriculum. Finally, children’s work is valued and showcased through high quality display in classrooms, common areas throughout the school and in the local community. Click below to see our recent community projects.

Eltham Arts Creating Connections collaboration ProjectYear 6 Brick Project

Jill Efford – Art & Design Subject Leader.

Please click here to view the Art and Design Intent document.

Year 1 Self-portrait

Year 3 Cave Art

Year 4 – Dreams

Year 5 – Creating Atmosphere

Year 6 William Morris