Although we know how to protect children offline, we often assume that their fantastic skills with technology will mean that they can look after themselves online “But knowledge is not the same as wisdom.” Through the computing curriculum, we will continue to teach children to use technology safely, respectfully and to keep personal information private. It is important that they can identify when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet.

Many parents look to their child’s school for internet safety tips so again I would like to recommend the following resources:

• Tech Safe is a free app and features helpful advice, including what to do if you have to deal with an internet safety issue.

• The website is great for supporting parents with setting up parental controls on different types of devices, including your broadband service. Some parents are put off using controls and settings as they think they will be difficult to set up, or complicated to use. However, have step by step guides, helping to make it simple and straightforward.

Parental controls and privacy settings can give your child a safer online experience. However, these tools cannot be 100% effective, so it is important to teach your child skills like critical thinking and resilience, so they know what do if they encounter risk. Always encourage them to talk to you or an adult they trust about anything they find upsetting online. (made by Google and Parent-zone, we had an assembly by Google a few months ago J) (videos for parents and children)

Tech Safe – Free app (made with children)