History is alive at Wyborne. Our belief is that children at Wyborne should be given many opportunities to learn and experience History. We aim to inspire a love of learning in History and of inquisitiveness and curiosity. Children at Wyborne ask and answer questions through research and visits/workshops which allow them to know about how the world has changed and developed. Teachers are creative, enthusiastic and plan exciting and engaging units of work with reference to the INTENT documents, which inspire and develop skills and knowledge in cohesive sequences of lessons. Our History curriculum has six themes. These are repeated over the years to enable deep understanding of British and World History and to ensure the progression of skills. Themes: Invasion and Settlement, Conflict, Rulers, Legacy, Government and Culture and Beliefs.

Trips and visits to museums as well as learning about our local history raise expectations and broaden experiences. We celebrate the history of Eltham! We help children to apply the skills they learn in History to other areas in the curriculum. Literacy and History go hand-in-hand with rich texts and historical themes to enjoy. Children’s work is valued at Wyborne. It is showcased through high quality display in classrooms and common areas throughout the school, and especially in our end of year school Open Day.

Grace Titchener – History Subject Leader

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Year 4 – Anglo Saxons

Year 3 – Stone Age