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Where Young
Minds Flourish

Welcome to
Wyborne Primary School

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

Wyborne Primary is a primary school that is happy, caring and secure, which values children’s contributions and believes that the key to achievement is high self esteem. We promote respect, trust, understanding and tolerance within our school community.

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"Our child is encouraged to do well in all aspects of the curriculum and has a high level of self-esteem."

Latest News

  • Waving Goodbye to...

    Sadly, we will be saying goodbye to some of our staff at the end of term. Sam Edgar (F2M) will be moving on after a very successful two terms with us; Christine Smith, one of our vital team of midday supervisors is taking up a role as a Teaching Assistant in another school and Mary Spencer, one of our very-long standing part-time teachers says she is “not retiring” but giving up paid work temporarily!. We wish them luck in the future and thank them for their valued contribution to Wyborne. Mr Newman ceases his role as a class teacher and will, instead be taking on Mrs Spencer’s role providing post holder and PPA teaching cover in a range of year groups. More

  • ... and Saying Hello to.

    But we are very pleased to be welcoming two new teachers to our staff: Louise Ford who will be working in Y1 and Georgia Gill who will be working with Y4. We wish them a very warm welcome and hope they will enjoy working with the Wyborne team. More

  • Wyborne is King

    It’s hard to know where to start to describe the amazing performance of The Lion King put on by Year 6 pupils on Tuesday night. It wasn’t just the acting and singing skills that made it so enjoyable, but also the fantastic make-up, costumes and scenery that made this a night to remember. And, while any performance gives the lead characters an opportunity to shine, this was a production which allowed the whole cast to show off their skills. The audience was transported to Pride Lands with an excellent opening sequence as the music built to a crescendo from a lone guitar and a few voices to the whole chorus accompanied by the drummers. The Jungle Choir performed a lovely rhythmic jungle dance to the tune of ‘Sunrise/Sunset’; and we laughed out loud at the animal one-liners; drummers kept the animals on the beat with their haunting percussion , followed by an excellent rendition of ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ by Lucy O’Callaghan (Simba). Alex Beardwell was persuasive as the voice of reason character, Zazu and Zak Long (Scar) gave a commanding performance as the rejected heir to the throne, surrounded by his menacing hyena gang and singing ‘Be Prepared’ with enthusiasm and confidence. The theme of the jungle was ever present, cleverly echoed by the Animal Chorus and Drummers with an atmospheric jungle beat number, followed closely by the contrasting, beautifully gentle song ‘Mufasa’, sung by the Jungle Choir. There were a number of successful partnerships in this production but perhaps the most entertaining was the pairing of Pumbaa (Faruq Balarabe) and Timon (Robyn Burrows), a fantastic bit of casting which allowed them to show off some truly natural theatrical skills. Perhaps there’s a career in musical theatre awaiting them in the future? Rafiki and Tiki played by Alisha Patel and Milana Orazgldiyeva were another successful partnership, appearing at key moments to give advice and explanation – their make-up was outstanding so congratulations to the person with the face paints! So as Y6 leaves us for their secondary schools we wish them success, happiness and “Hakuna Matata” – no worries. More

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