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Where Young
Minds Flourish

Welcome to
Wyborne Primary School

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

Wyborne Primary is a primary school that is happy, caring and secure, which values children’s contributions and believes that the key to achievement is high self esteem. We promote respect, trust, understanding and tolerance within our school community.

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"Our child is encouraged to do well in all aspects of the curriculum and has a high level of self-esteem."

Latest News

  • Read All About it

    Our Pastoral Care team is organising a new notice board for parents which will be put up in the corridor outside the school office. This will have lots of useful information including advice on parenting, benefits updates, training courses, and much more. More

  • Visits and Outings

    Year 3 had a visit from an authentic ‘Roman Soldier’ this week to enhance their History curriculum focus. Children made fantastic shields to re-enact becoming a centurion and found out about life in Roman times. Next week we have a Greek Soldier visiting Y5 and the children will enjoy a similar experience. However, these visits are not free. We rely on parental contributions to pay for these additional activities, without which our curriculum would not be so interesting. Please do your best to pay for these events – even if you can only manage to pay a smaller contribution than has been requested. More

  • Lifeboat Collection

    Every year we support the Lifeboat charity. We will be sending round a collection next week to all the classes, so please give your child some small change in an envelope to contribute. More

School Events