Our School Curriculum

At Wyborne Primary children really matter. Every child’s ability is recognised, developed and rewarded. Our curriculum is tailored to meet individual needs and aspirations, which ensure all our children are interested and motivated to learn. We have high expectations and a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. We promote enjoyment for learning and encourage children to be independent, reflective learners through the development of thinking skills. 

Knowledge of how each individual learns best is important. Clear procedures are in place to identify and meet children’s individual needs providing extra support and new challenges where appropriate to help every child fulfil their potential. 


The school uses a number of different methods to ensure that pupils are making suitable progress as they move through the school. Most of this provides us with the information teachers need to plan appropriate learning activities and much is shared with children too as they feel more secure when they understand the next step and what they need to be able to do to meet their own targets. Other optional tests help us check that we are supporting pupils at least as well as other schools.

Performance tables published annually by the Department of Education can be accessed using the following link. Wyborne Primary School

September 2014 saw the launch of a new primary curriculum.

Changes have been made to reflect our growing technological society , the history in particular of the British Isles, and our need to compete in a mathematical society.

Subjects such as science, geography and art have been changed to become more skill based.

Design and technology now ensures that all children have some sort of cooking or food technology learning in each year group.

Schools have been allowed to design their own curriculum, using the set framework from the government.

At Wyborne we have chosen to continue with our successful Power of Reading scheme for literacy and have tried to match other curriculum areas to our chosen books where possible. We have made links between other curriculum areas, such as science and DT or computing and DT or history and art.

Please click here to access the curriculum by subject. Please click here for our PE curriculum statement. Please click here for our PSHE Intent Document. If you would like to know more about any aspect of our curriculum please email

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