Early Years

Nursery - Bee class
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Ronnie Dempsey Teacher
F2J - Gorilla class
Leigh Joyce Teacher
F2S - Turtle class
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Sian Saunders Teacher  Claire Franklin Teacher
EYFS Support Staff      
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Linda Brown EYP Emmanuella Dibie TA Sharon Marshall TA TBA


  • There's only a week left to get your Scholastic book orders in. Order online at Read more or give order forms to Mrs Bunch 😊
  • Year 4 made some lovely photo frames today Read more
  • We used our senses in y2 to imagine we were in Morocco. We looked at images, listened to market sounds and smelt different spices! 🇲🇦 Read more
  • Nursery enjoyed toast for the their snack this morning Read more
  • Reception built a road! Read more